Fashion is about people, at least we think so. We all play a role in the system: whether it’s design, production or consumerism. As a brand, we want to make it our responsibility to make fashion more sustainable, not just in how we produce our clothes but how we treat the people who make them.

Along with the rise of fast fashion came the increased demand for disposable trends online and on the high street. the roles of the producers and suppliers have been widely undervalued. We shop for what so-called ‘industry experts’ tells us is stylish with little (if any) consideration as to who made it or where it came from. Fortunately, the demand is changing. The supply chain is at the centre of many debates within the industry, where it was once overlooked now more than ever consumers are demanding transparency. For the big brands on the high street it has become an increasing challenge to focus on the consumers demand for quality and transparency whilst pushing an increase in profits to compete within the market.

United Change Makers are all about building a collection our customers love, and we want to show that this can be done without compromising on our ethical standards.

We have a small team but this doesn’t stop us from visiting the factories we work with, developing a relationship with our manufacturers to build confidence in their team and practises. This is all to ensure our jeans are made with care, by a team who are looked after. Our customers can take care of their jeans knowing they have been cared for before you.

United Change Makers Organic Jeans Brand