At UCM, we understand that some of you will need to return your order, and we’ll of course assist you with any returns and refunds you need. Unfortunately, every return increases the carbon footprint of the product, so we need the help of our customers to try and avoid any needless returns.

There are a few steps you can take before you order to ensure you find the right style and size for you.

Shop Sensibly Reduce Returns
Become a conscious consumer.

Use the ’30 Wears’ rule. The goal of the 30 wears challenge is to encourage shoppers to avoid fast fashion and shop more consciously for pieces that they’ll wear often (at least 30 times!).

Do Your Research
 Do Your Research.
There is a lot of information out there about ethical fashion and sustainability, and it can be pretty overwhelming. If you’re unsure then you can read our about pages, or reach out to us directly via the contact page. If you’re shopping with other brands and businesses and can’t find what you’re looking for don't risk it. Check it out before you check out.
Read the Fit Guides
We have put together an individual page for each of our fits alongside lots of information and sizing help. We advise all of our customers to check these out before you complete your order since the most coming reason for return is sizing issues. We hope that our collection fits you perfect but there’s not harm in checking first!
Ask Us Questions
Get in touch.
Some brands and stores might not want to talk and instead hide behind their online contact forms, but not us! The UCM want to hear from you! There are several ways to reach out to us directly. If we can help you make better shopping decisions, then that makes both brand and customer happy! Click here for our contact page.
Place your Order, United Change Makers
Time to place your order!

Once you have done all the above steps and you’re happy you are making the right choice on both the product and size it’s time to get shopping. We will send out your lovely new pair of UCM jeans as soon as possible!

Reduce Returns

Reduce Returns, Shop Sensibly, Order Smart Working

together through the whole course of online shopping we can help reduce our returns and carbon footprint. Reducing our returns keeps us happy, our customers happy and our wonderful planet happy.

Everybody Happy