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Our lovely design team are experienced in sustainability and always take a considered approach to all of their wonderful UCM designs. We have a whole number of ‘dealbreakers’ when it comes to manufacturing and these are all considered during the design process as sandblasting and the use of toxic chemicals and dyes.

The primary fabric used in our collection is organic cotton. It’s a fibre which is soft to touch, absorbent and breathable making it one of the most used fibres in the fashion industry. We ensure our manufacturers and suppliers are all GOTS compliant which makes sure that all the cotton we use is made from quality organic fibres and its production follows other environmental and social criteria.  


Once the samples have been made, we road-test our styles. It’s really important our design team hear the first bit of feedback on the new fits before production so we can insure we are making a fit our customers are going to love. These considerations limit our waste down the line and ensure we spend our pennies wisely!

Following the feedback phase, our orders are placed and it’s time to visit our factory! We love watching our designs come to life during production and watching the laundry team at to ensure we get the washes just right. It also gives us the opportunity to strengthen relationships with our supply chain and discuss considerations for any off-cuts post-production. Often these are sold or collected and recycled by external companies.

No seasons, just style

Having a team that is experienced in the world of fashion we wanted to bring something a little different with UCM. As an industry, retailers work around the seasons, dropping styles suited for the weather and encourage shoppers to ditch last year’s styles for the next new thing. We want to focus on owning less but buying better. Our collection holds styles you can wear all year round, that remain relevant from season to season, avoiding trends that fade faster than we can produce them.

Don’t let your wardrobes change like the weather.

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