It is important brands take greater responsibility in their production and supply chain, as well as their staff, agents and other relevant parties. At UCM, we want to ensure high quality products at a reasonable price without compromising on social or environmental conditions.

We want to encourage continued sustainable development for our production which is why we are passionate about the relationships we build with our manufacturers and suppliers.

It is important we share the same philanthropic attitude to production so we can embrace new innovations when designing any new lines. It is also important to ensure everyone we work with shares the same concerns when it comes to human rights and social accountability to protect the wonderful people involved in making our clothes.

Our Suppliers

United Change Makers requires that all suppliers can guarantee safe working conditions and a good working environment. Before selecting suppliers, it is important that our sourcing department visits the factories and builds a relationship with their teams. It is our responsibility to ensure suppliers can guarantee no one involved in production is denied any basic human rights.

Our current conscious choice of suppliers is based on long-term relationships and personal confidence with members of the United Change Makers team. We are convinced and always assured that our manufacturers far exceed the minimum requirements for working and environmental conditions. We are inspired by their passion, as well as their enthusiasm to embrace technological advances that can improve our sustainability.

Environmental Impact

One of our main goals for United Change Makers is to raise awareness and influence our customers towards a more sustainable approach to fashion, reducing the environmental impacts the industry currently has. We demand that all our suppliers follow applicable legislation and guidelines set regarding environmental criteria.

We work only with manufacturers certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, more commonly known at GOTS, to ensure the fabrics used are high quality and organic. Choosing only to work with GOTS Certified suppliers also means compliance with their strict guidelines for dyes and chemicals used within the final stages of manufacturing, as well as other social and environmental criteria.

Employee Rights and Labour

There will not and is not any use of forced labour or child labour at any of our suppliers.


United Change Makers does not accept any exploitation of children.

There should be no discrimination in employment. The employer should treat all employees equally, regardless of race, nationality, colour, sex, religion, union membership, political affiliation, or disability. Female workers should not be discriminated against due to pregnancy or maternity leave and therefore should be given equal access to employment.

Living Wages

At United Change Makers we strive to pay all workers a living wage.

Minimum wages must at least meet the legal minimum wage (if there is one). Wages should be sufficient in meeting the needs of workers and their dependents, as well as allow for saving. Any deductions from wages are not permitted.

Workers should be paid regularly and reasonably for work completed. They should be informed about how their wages are made up including rates and pay periods, as well as told of any social benefits such as pensions and health benefits.  

Working Hours

There should not be excessive working hours; hours of work should follow the law.

Overtime should be voluntary, and working hours including overtime should not exceed 60 hours per week. Overtime should be demanded on a regular basis and must always be paid at a premium rate in accordance with the law.

All employees are entitled to holidays and sick leave without any repercussions. Pregnancy under any circumstances may not be considered grounds for termination.

Working Environment

Employee safety is a top priority for United Change Makers.

Working environments should be safe and hygienic for everyone involved in the supply chain.

It is important that workers are provided adequate training and protective equipment where necessary. The employers must take steps to minimise health risks and prevent any accidents, this means that no hazardous equipment or facilities are permitted, including sandblasting.

Facilities must have clearly marked exits and emergency exits with fire alarms, extinguishers and first aid equipment easily accessible on each floor. All employees should have access to a sufficient number of clean toilets.

Abuse, or threat of abuse will not be tolerated, as well as any unusual punishments, sexual harassment or intimidation by the employer.


Inspections/ External and Internal

To ensure that our code of conduct is followed, United Change Makers reserves the right to visit factories to inspect suppliers who produce for us. This includes any external auditors.