2019 Reflection: Greta Thunberg, How A Young Girl Changed the World

Greta Thunberg Climate Change

2019 Reflection: Greta Thunberg, How A Young Girl Changed the World

It’s safe to say Greta Thunberg has become a name on everyone lips this year.

The 16 year-old Swedish climate activist, sometimes referred to as the Joan of Arc of Climate Change, has create a whole environmental movement. Over the last 18 months she has inspired millions across the globe to come together and strike for change.

In August 2018 Greta began her solo climate protest outside parliament in Stockholm, Sweden. She sat there every day with her now famous sign ‘Skolstrejk för klimatet’ (School Strike for Climate) until she eventually got their attention – the start of the global movement. This protest was originally in response to heatwaves and wildfires across Sweden. She was demanding a reduction to their carbon emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

What started out as one person standing up for our environment quickly became a global movement for change. Thunberg has since been joined by thousands of schools and universities around the world and in September 2019 a global strike drew more than 4 million people. She has described the rapid spread of activism as amazing, saying “it proves you are never too small to make a difference.”

She has achieved so much in the last year, inspiring a new generation of climate activists and rejuvenating the veteran environment advocates. She has travelled far and wide to spread her message including; the Extinction Rebellion rally in London, addressing he delegates at the UN climate talks in Poland and performing her own TED Talk.

Her abrupt and confrontational approach isn’t without criticism however with one commentator on Fox News referring to her as a “mentally ill Swedish child” (the network has since be forced to apologise). Regardless though, she has set a precedent for how we as humans need to act if we are to save the planet that we call home, as well as inspired a new generation that their actions matter.

For us her story and journey over the last 12 months is truly inspirational. She shows that our actions matter however small they are, or you are. As 2019 comes to a close we want our customers and followers to feel inspired to change, to act and join the revolution.

Above image is figure 1: Photo by Pascal Bernardon on Unsplash

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