2019 Reflection: The birth of United Change Makers (UCM)

United Change Makers

What a difference a year makes. United Change Makers only launched last month but behind the scenes our wonderful team have been working day and night to make sure what we create was the very best.

United Change Makers was born out of confusion for the denim market. There is a new generation coming through the cracks that want to shop more sustainably but struggle because the current offering is just not accessible for them. We wanted to tackle this and explore the issue. We wanted to produce ethically and affordably, making sustainability more affordable, for everyone. 

Fast forward to the end of 2019 and we did it, without compromise.

For those who were here from the start will know we launched Black Friday weekend. For us the holiday stands for everything we wish not to be, personifying the disposable consumer culture we are living in at the moment. We want to give our customers the best price possible always without detriment to our jeans or the wonderful people that makes our clothes. We want to build a company and community that is as sustainable as its product.

We were so proud to launch our four key lines: the Maya, Skater, Carrie and our lovely Dungaree. Meticulously-designed original garments that (we hope!) become your wardrobe favourites, and maybe even destined to reappear in a vintage shop to be rediscovered by the next generation.

This is affordable ethical clothing. This is United Change Makers.

Above image is figure 1: UCM Dungarees


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